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Pipelines International

March 2010

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From the Editor

During recent factory and site visits Pipelines International has had the opportunity of talking with various key people in the oil and gas pipeline industry about the technology used on pipeline construction and pipeline maintenance.

Petrobras tunnels its way to Brazil’s largest gas pipeline

Petrobras has inaugurated Brazil’s largest capacity pipeline, the 179 km Cabiúnas – Reduc III (Gasduc III) gas pipeline, after tunnelling 3,758 m through Santana Mountain.

Ruby Pipeline has green credentials

Only one regulatory hurdle remains before Ruby Pipeline LLC can begin construction on its 1,078 km Ruby Pipeline after Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff in the United States concluded that adverse environmental affects could be kept to a minimum.

APLNG pipeline contract awarded

Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) joint venture partners Origin Energy and ConocoPhillips have awarded a consortium of McConnell Dowell and Consolidated Contractors a contract to build the 450 km gas transmission pipeline for the APLNG Project, to be located in Queensland, Australia.

Durban – Gauteng to secure South Africa’s energy future

A new multi-product pipeline running between Durban and Gauteng, South Africa, is scheduled to come online in the third quarter of 2010 to relieve capacity constraints on South Africa’s petroleum supply chain.

Croatia modernises its gas transmission system

Following the completion of the 300 km Vodnjan – Umag gas pipeline, Croatia has entered into the final stage of the construction and modernisation of its gas transmission system.

Shaybah – Abqaiq Pipeline nears completion

Construction work to expand the second Shaybah – Abqaiq oil pipeline (SHBAB-2) at Saudi Arabia’s Shaybah Oil Field is nearing completion.

Project briefs

Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi Pipeline

Pipes & People

OSD and Gemini sign Teaming Agreement

Pipeline projects in the Middle East

Stephanie Clancy

Shifting sands, salt marshes, extreme heat, storms, and complex intergovernmental relations, are some of the challenges confronting the pipeline industry in the Middle East. Despite these challenges, a wealth of significant pipeline projects are proposed or currently underway in the region. Here, Pipelines International provides a snapshot of industry activity.

Heating up in India: the Mangala to Salaya oil pipeline

Cairn India has recently completed construction of the world’s longest continuously heated and insulated pipeline, located in western India and crossing the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Constructing Sakhalin Island’s pipeline network

The Sakhalin 2 Pipeline Project is one of the largest integrated oil and gas developments in the world. Located on Sakhalin Island, in the far east of Russia, construction of the project was completed in freezing temperatures and over many seismic fault lines.

Delving to the bottom of the Mediterranean: Galsi Pipeline

Construction on the Galsi Pipeline is scheduled to begin in 2011, and will see pipeline constructed at depths of 2,824 m – the maximum depth ever reached by a subsea gas pipeline.

Subsea pipeline communication challenges

More and more subsea pipelines are being laid and, as time progresses, exploration and production is taking place in deeper waters. Some offshore pigging providers are now planning for operations down to 5,000 m as operators find that more traditional techniques will no longer meet the demand.

Analysing Alberta HDD

Jim Murphy, WorleyParsons; Glen Fyfe, Pembina Pipelines; Trevor Giesbrecht, WorleyParsons; and Wes Dyck, WorleyParsons.

Pembina Pipelines completed the construction of a pipeline project to supply oil pipeline services to one of the new oil sands mines in northern Alberta, western Canada, in 2008. Near the middle a horizontal directional drill was required due to access, environmental and land constraints encountered.

Crossings on the great pipeline of China

China’s 8,704 km Second West – East Gas Pipeline is one of the largest pipelines currently under construction. The pipeline crosses many different terrains, some of which require specialist installation techniques. One of China’s main specialist manufacturers, Drillto, provided a horizontal directional drilling rig to complete a 510 m crossing of an environmentally sensitive area along the pipeline route.

Oil Search: achieving safety in PNG

Active in Papua New Guinea since 1929, Oil Search Ltd is the country’s largest oil and gas producer, operating all of Papua New Guinea’s producing oil and gas fields. Developing these fields has required the installation of infrastructure through hazardous terrain. Here, Projects Superintendent Ian Black explains the safety measures that the company has developed to ensure a successful project

In-line with the latest inspection issues

The first two papers published in the March 2010 edition of the Journal of Pipeline Engineering discuss aspects of the common theme of in-line inspections (ILI) and their analyses. Both were presented at the recent Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management conference in Houston, Texas.

Pipelayer safety made simple

PipeLine Machinery International has recently teamed up with Cranesmart to become the exclusive distributor of the Pipelayer System, the industry’s first wireless load monitoring indicator system for pipelayers.

CEPA: addressing Canada’s pipeline issues

Established in 1993, the Canadian Energy Pipelines Association facilitates industry collaboration on issues such as safety, pipeline integrity, best practices, and the long-term stability and competitiveness for the nation’s transmission pipeline sector. Association President Brenda Kenny speaks to Pipelines International about current activities and issues.

European oil pipeline integrity: third-party up, corrosion down

Published in November 2009, the latest report by the European oil pipelines management group of CONCAWE shows that there were nine spillage incidents on the network operated by the association’s members in 2007, of which two were attributed to corrosion and seven to third-party interference

Transport of CO2 for carbon capture and storage

The subject of CO2 transportation by pipeline is of widespread and increasing importance as many governments and communities worldwide come to terms with the issues of carbon capture and storage for the mitigation of climate change. The transportation aspect is often looked upon as the ‘missing link’ in a concept that is already being widely embraced.

Unified approach increases level of submarine pipeline integrity

Bente Helen Leinum and Felix Saint-Victor, Det Norske Veritas

Driven by the increasing level of ageing pipelines, more challenging exploration projects, regulatory regimes, a focus on the environment, and requirements for safety and efficiency DNV, together with major oil and gas companies, has developed the world’s first guideline for managing the integrity of offshore pipelines.

PLUTO Pipeline

The code name ‘PLUTO’ was coined from the initial letters of ‘Pipe Line Under The Ocean’, and referred to the operation of laying subsea pipelines across the English Channel and supplying petrol to the Allied Armies for their advance across France and Belgium into Germany during World War II.

Vision in green: carbon budgeting on the South Wales Gas Pipeline

James Gavie, Director, RSK Group

The 316 km South Wales Gas Pipeline is a key asset in securing the United Kingdom’s future energy supplies, bringing LNG into the existing national transmission system. RSK helped project proponent National Grid assess the size of the pipeline’s carbon footprint in order to develop a carbon budget for the company to help meet future emissions reduction targets.

PPIM puts pigs on show in Texas

A dynamic forum discussing key trends, products and services in the pipeline inspection sector – the 22nd Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition – was held in Houston, Texas, from 15 to 18 February 2010.

Industry gears up for IPCE

The 8th International Pipeline Conference and Exposition is to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, Canada, between 27 September and 1 October 2010.

Products and Services

BJ Services announces Gemini tool

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