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Pipelines International

March 2011

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From the editor

John Tiratsoo, Editor-in-Chief.

In recent months two significant pipeline industry issues have come to the fore in the USA, one of which has received considerable publicity in both the industry and public media, and one which seems to have passed almost unnoticed.

Construction commences on Brazilian ethanol pipeline

Construction has commenced on Petrobras’ 850 km ethanol pipeline, with the first weld taking place at a ceremony in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil.

Crude oil pipeline approved for Gulf of Mexico

Amberjack Pipeline Company, a joint venture between Chevron Pipeline Company and Shell Pipeline Company, has recently announced approval for the installation of a 219 km, 24 inch diameter crude oil pipeline.

Construction set to commence on PNG LNG Pipeline

An international consortium is set to bring Papua New Guinea’s vast onshore petroleum resources to market, with the construction of an 850 km, large-diameter pipeline. Pipelines International spoke with the operator Esso Highlands to get the latest.

Pipeline considered for Tanzania

Tanzania’s National Social Security Fund recently outlined its plans to invest in a gas pipeline to run from Southern Tanzania through Dar es Salaam to Mwanza on Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Russia expands gas pipeline network

Russian energy giant Gazprom is expanding its gas pipeline network to service the country’s northwestern regions and supply the Nord Stream Pipeline. Pipelines International brings you construction updates on the Gryazovets – Vyborg, Pochinki – Gryazovets, and Ukhta – Torzhok gas pipelines.

Construction complete on Habshan – Fujairah oil pipeline

Construction of the 370 km Habshan – Fujairah oil pipeline in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, has been completed.

Saudi Aramco in the spotlight

Established in 1988, Saudi Aramco operates and maintains a wide network of hydrocarbon transmission and distribution pipelines with a total length of over 20,000 km. Over the period from 1999–2009, Saudi Aramco expanded its pipeline length by 35 per cent in order to meet additional capacity requirements. Here, the company speaks with Pipelines International about increased maintenance challenges and future plans for research and development.

Replacing 32 pipes on the Druzhba oil pipeline in under 88 hours

By Dr Ing. Petr Crha and Dipl. Ing. Ales Brynych CEPS a.s., Jesenice, Czech Republic

In September 2007, a unique event in terms of its scope and speed was carried out on the Czech section of the 20 inch diameter Russia to Germany Druzhba Oil Pipeline in South Moravia, where 32 pipe sections were replaced in a very short time.

A long and winding route: overcoming terrain challenges on the Peru LNG Pipeline

The 408 km Peru LNG Pipeline, constructed by Techint Engineering and Construction, will supply gas to South America’s first LNG plant, located at Pampa Melchorita on the Peruvian coast. Pipelines International speaks with developer Peru LNG about the challenges and achievements on the project, which traversed 100 km of coastal desert and 308 km of Andean highlands.

Optimal pipe-end protection in any circumstance

Pipes are handled by many parties before reaching their destination. In many cases, the pipe is also influenced by different climates as it is sometimes required to travel halfway around the world for a pipeline project. Dhatec explains how its new pipe-end protection can mitigate potential damage during the transportation process.

Pipe handling safety made simple

In the past, moving large amounts of pipe under the time constraints of a major pipeline project or the precision requirements of directional drilling has required personnel to load or line up the pipe, putting them in harm’s way. Distributed exclusively by PipeLine Machinery International, the DECKHAND Pipe Handling System by LaValley Industries accomplishes precise pipe handling and placement without requiring ground crew to work in the vicinity of the moving pipe.

The industry gathers to honour an icon

ROSEN USA recently held a reception to celebrate pipeline industry legend Raymond Lewis’ 60th active year in the pipeline business.

The pipelines feeding China’s burgeoning economy

The world’s most populous nation and the second biggest consumer of energy behind the United States of America, China is set to implement an ambitious project to double the length of its pipeline network over the next five years. Here Pipelines International provides an overview of some of the major pipeline projects proposed or currently underway.

Overcoming roadblocks to pipeline construction in urban terrain

Heavily populated and dense with pre-existing sewer, water, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure, urban areas present a range of challenges to pipeline construction. Pipelines International examines the construction techniques being deployed in projects around the world.

PIPE – bringing pipeline engineering into the spotlight

The Professional Institute of Pipeline Engineers, commonly known as PIPE, is the international membership organisation for those who work in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, promoting high international standards of pipeline engineering, operation and environmental concerns.

High productivity pipe girth welding: developments in mechanised arc welding of pipelines

By David Yapp, Welding Engineering Research Centre, Cranfield University, UK

Over the last 50 years, mechanised pipe welding has been developed and improved so that welds can be made with consistent high quality and high productivity, and systems are available from several pipeline equipment contractors. This article summarises the sequence of developments in the automatic welding sector.

Crossing India’s Narmada River using HDD

Punj Lloyd has laid over 92,295 m of pipelines under expressways, railways, rivers, shore approaches, creeks and canals using horizontal directional drilling. The company says that one of its most challenging horizontal directional drilling projects completed was the Narmada River crossing on India’s East West Gas Pipeline.

Design-build HDD in Jacksonville

By Stephen Tait

A 2.6 km horizontal directional drill bore, 40 m below the St Johns River was required as part of the Seacoast Pipeline extension project in Jacksonville, Florida.

MacDow gets creative with HDD in Thailand

Approximately two hours south of Bangkok, the McConnell Dowell pipeline and horizontal directional drilling crews have been working on two gas pipeline projects for the PTT Public Co Ltd – the IRPC Pipeline and the Fourth Transmission Pipeline Interconnector Project.

Pipelayer safety: tips for operating pipelayers safely in slope applications

Pipeline jobsites are sometimes located in mountains, or areas with steep slopes. Safe operation of a pipelayer depends not only on safety aspects designed into the equipment by the manufacturer, but also on many other variables that must be known and controlled by the contractors and machine operators. Pipelines International asks Caterpillar how safe operating practices minimise risks and maximise productivity when operating on slopes.

The Kirkuk – Banias Pipeline

When the Kirkuk – Banias Pipeline was first brought online in 1952, it marked a significant moment in the development of Iraq’s petroleum industry. Over the next 59 years, the pipeline would be shut down over a tariff dispute, damaged in warfare, be tendered for repair and have the repair work postponed indefinitely. Currently the Iraqi Government is considering constructing two new pipelines from Kirkuk to Banias, but has not given up on resurrecting the original pipeline.

Lincoln Electric launches Red Line welding apparel line

Lincoln Electric has launched Red Line, a new range of personal protection welding apparel for use in all arc welding applications and environments.

PLM launches the new VP72Gs2 pipelayer

PipeLine Machinery (PLM-Cat) – in partnership with China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP), Vanguard Equipment – has launched the new VP72Gs2 pipelayer in China. Under licence from Caterpillar, this new 40 tonne pipelayer is built in China for the Asian market.

CRC-Evans introduces new welding system with laser vision technology

CRC-Evans Automatic Welding has developed a new welding system that incorporates laser vision welding and inspection technology. Designed to reduce the duration of the pipeline welding process while increasing weld quality, the Vision System provides new levels of flexibility in the field.

Enerpac’s NS nut splitters offer power, precision and safety

Enerpac now offers the NS-Series of nut splitters, powerful and precise industrial strength hydraulic tools that have been designed and manufactured for serious applications.

Must-attend pigging event PPIM 2011: another success

Over 4 days, more than 1,300 delegates and trade visitors attended the 23rd annual Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition, which included a conference programme of 21 papers, and a 77-company strong exhibition space spanning 10,000 square feet.

Practical demonstrations feature in first CTDUT Week

CTDUT Pipeline Technology Centre promoted its first CTDUT Week during Rio Oil & Gas 2010, in response to a number of successful products and services demonstrations by both local and foreign companies at its facilities during Rio Pipeline 2009.

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