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Pipelines International

September 2011

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From the Editor

John Tiratsoo, Editor-in-Chief

The annually-published report by CONCAWE on the Performance of European cross-country oil pipelines once again highlights the fact that third-party activities remain the main case of spillage incidents, although an increase in mechanical failures has been seen in recent years. The report is based on confidential input from over 70 oil pipeline companies in Europe, and annually provides a useful indicator of trends. For 39 years, the association has been collecting spillage data on European cross-country oil pipelines with particular regard to spillage volume, clean-up and recovery parameters, environmental consequences, and causes of the incidents.

Trinidad pipeline sees first north-eastern offshore gas

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago has completed the North-Eastern Offshore Pipeline, which will transport gas from offshore Trinidad’s northeast coast for the first time.

Construction completed on Guadalajara

In June 2011, TransCanada completed the 307 km, 30 inch diameter Guadalajara Pipeline, which will supply Comisión Federal de Electricidad’s power plant, located in Mexico.

Pipeline capacity augmentation project zooms ahead

Gas Authority of India Limited is constructing a new pipeline and increasing the capacity of its existing Vijaipur – Kota Pipeline in order to meet growing demand for natural gas in the state of Rajasthan, India. Careful planning has seen the project already overcome a number of challenges, with construction progressing at a phenomenal pace.

EAC to study Kampala oil pipeline extension

The East African Community Secretariat will soon begin a feasibility study for an extension of the oil pipeline in Uganda from Kampala to Kigali, Rwanda, to Bujumbura, Burrundi – a distance of approximately 310 km.

Pipeline to power the Olympics

The recently commissioned Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi Pipeline will not only bring gas to the city of Sochi, Russia, but to the Olympics as well, as Sochi is transformed into a Winter Olympics Games host city and a mountain resort.

Inviting progress on the Iran – Pakistan pipeline

After decades of discussion and modification to the project, expressions of interest are being invited for the supply of line pipe and coating for the long-planned Iran – Pakistan gas pipeline.

Getting the most out of Rio Pipeline

With 16 streams, debate forums, panels, 343 technical papers from 27 different countries and an exposition with some of the industry’s top companies, the 4th International Rio Pipeline Conference and Exhibition will provide an action-packed three days – make sure you have a plan! Pipelines International has some suggestions to ensure you have a productive, enjoyable and pipeline-filled time in Rio.

From the mountains to the sea: a review of South America

South America has vast resources, located both onshore and offshore, and has commenced a number of projects to increase their production. Here, Pipelines International provides a snapshot of some of the major projects recently completed, currently underway, and proposed for the region.

Getting in-line with pipeline integrity management

By Arthur Braga, Executive Manager, Centro de Tecnologia em Dutos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In-line inspection tools are extremely important for pipeline integrity management and can help avoid financial losses, damage to the operator’s reputation, and safety concerns.

The natural gas industry in Argentina: development and perspectives

By Jorge Epelbaum, Marketing Manager, Morken Group

The natural gas industry in Argentina has gone through many changes and faced many challenges over the years, including the privitisation of companies and tough economic times. This article will describe the situation of the natural gas industry in Argentina from its origins and the development of the natural gas pipelines network, to the present day situation of the sector.

Over mountains, under rivers – constructing Bolivia’s GCC

Construction has commenced on the final stage of the Gasoducto Cochabamba Carrasco in Bolivia. The 78 km pipeline section will traverse some of Bolivia’s most challenging terrain.

Growth, innovation and results: Techint

For over 65 years, Techint Engineering & Construction has developed complex and diverse projects in the world’s most remote regions, in areas such as North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Here Pipelines International takes a closer look at the company and what it has achieved.

Nord Stream ties-in diver safety

By John Tiratsoo, Editor-in-Chief

As Pipelines International goes to print, the second of the two major subsea tie-ins on the first of Nord Stream’s twin 48 inch diameter, 1,224 km long, gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea is being completed by saturation divers working out of a hyperbaric environment at around 110 m water depth.

Collaborating for success: IAPMIGAS

In 2008, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ Former Director General of Oil and Gas, Dr Ir. Luluk Sumiars, initiated the Indonesian Oil and Gas Pipeliner Association (IAPMIGAS). This association acts as a forum for gas pipeline experts to improve the professionalism and technologies of oil and gas pipelines on a national scale, with the aim of creating an energy-independent nation which will be able interact with world economies and compete with global technologies.

Pigging on show in Prague

The acclaimed Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition is coming to Europe this October. Make sure you attend to hear the latest developments in pipeline inspection.

Gorgon LNG gets to the baseline with Rosen

Rosen Group was recently awarded four major baseline pipeline inspection contracts, worth approximately $US9 million, for the Chevron-operated Gorgon LNG Project, located off the coast of Western Australia.

Handle with care

Handling pipe and material on job sites is a labour intensive, time-consuming and potentially dangerous task, but one that is necessary for transmission pipeline projects. Pipe supplies must be unloaded from trucks, and each section moved into position for placement in the ground. Vacuum lifting can help do this safely.

Doubling the hose: slurry pipeline pumps

Today, slurry pipeline systems often operate at much higher solid concentrations than previous installations. This results in high demands on the mechanical equipment, including positive displacement pumps.

Great Southern Press opens new office in China

Publisher of Pipelines International, Great Southern Press is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Qingdao, China.

A heavy requirement: environmentally friendly pipeline weighting

As technology advances quickly in every sector, the quest for cost-effective, safe and lower impact (ECO-safe) products is more prevalent than at any time in the past. The pipeline industry is actively looking to ‘re-think’ approaches to pipeline construction in order to use these new technologies to reduce cost, exceed safety standards, and improve environmental conditions at all levels.

Increase fuel efficiency with the new Cat 349E

The new Cat 349E hydraulic excavator features a 396 net horsepower Cat C13 ACERT engine that meets United States EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions standards, allowing you to do more work with less fuel.

Portable, accurate moisture content readings with Michell

Michell Instruments has introduced an intrinsically safe version of its portable hygrometer – the MDM300 I.S – which is designed specifically for applications in natural gas processing.

The Big Blue: a fully-integrated pipeline welding system

Miller Electric, Hobart Brothers and Bernard introduce the Big Blue 350 PipePro System, a fully integrated pipeline welding system that was designed to outfit pipeline welders with a seamless, rugged solution built to work in the demanding world of pipeline welding.

Trelleborg reveals new diver-friendly piggyback clamp

Trelleborg Offshore has revealed a new diver-friendly piggyback clamp designed to improve safety during offshore pipeline installation.

Protecting pipe: the importance of selecting the right coating

Choosing the right pipeline coating is crucial in ensuring the long-term protection and efficiency of gas pipelines. Bredero Shaw’s Peter Mayes and Justin Brown outline the different types of coating available, and where they are best used.

The long and welding road to pipelines

By Bob Teale, Teale Pipe Welding Solutions, Houston, TX, USA

Pipeline welding plays an important part in both the onshore and offshore pipeline industry. Throughout the years there have been significant advancements to help ensure a pipelines durability and reliability. Here, Bob Teale takes us through the history and what’s to come.

From practical to political: discussing anthropogenic CO2 pipelines

By John Tiratsoo, Editor-in-Chief

Attendees at the second International Forum on the Transportation of CO2 by Pipeline, held in June 2011, were treated to a speaker programme ranging from the political to the general – while also covering scientific and technical aspects of pipeline design and materials’ performance – not to mention some practical aspects of future pipeline operations.

Extend your pipeline’s operating life

Head to Houston in November 2011 to discuss pipeline rehabilitation issues, ranging from the initial stages of evaluation of a pipeline’s condition, to the steps required to ensure the asset’s continued fitness-for-purpose and prolong its economic lifetime.

Integrity in education

Oil and gas are the world’s major source of primary energy, and 3,500,000 km of large diameter, high-pressure pipelines transport most of these hydrocarbons around the world. As such, it is important that the pipeline industry is properly resourced with skilled personnel to management and maintain these important assets. Postgraduate Certificate in Pipeline Integrity Management is now available through distance education and is a great way to start or further your career in the pipeline industry.

Sharpen your pipeline knowledge in KL

Take advantage of the training course series being held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 21–25 November 2011, and learn from experienced leaders in the industry.

Pipeline event to boost Middle East industry

Be a part of history and make sure your company exhibits at the first Best Practices in Pipeline Operations and Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition to be held in Bahrain.

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