Bringing Synergi to integrity management

DNV Software is launching the 2012 version of Synergi Pipeline (formerly SilverPipe), the integrity management system for offshore and onshore gas and liquid pipelines.

As the focus on pipeline safety increases, stricter regulations demand better solutions for integrity management. In addition to full compliance, operators are also seeing the benefits of systems that increase efficiency and extend the lifetime of ageing assets.

DNV Software’s Synergi Pipeline software suite is a proven solution. The software is a web-based solution with some advanced planning and engineering analysis tools on the desktop as add-on features. Login is secure and access rights can be defined for different users. Interfaces for GIS, DOC and ERP systems are supported.

Synergi Pipeline is a company-wide risk and integrity management system that improves pipeline safety and reliability, maximises availability and extends operational lifetime. It features support for international codes (e.g. ASME, DNV, BS), extensive risk assessment capabilities, coupled with tools to support the entire integrity and risk management process.

At the heart of the pipeline integrity lifecycle is a robust data management system that makes seamless movement between all stages of the lifecycle possible. The software offers this in a comprehensive data management package.

Head of Section Integrity Management at DNV Software Gro Oftedal said “Synergi Pipeline is more complete than before. With its sound data management capabilities, coupled with optimal tools and support for the total integrity management process, Synergi Pipeline can contribute to even better pipeline integrity management.”

One common database

Synergi Pipeline provides high-quality data management over the entire life cycle of an asset, making data easily accessible. Consolidating all data into one database has many advantages. It leads to more efficient handling of information, saving time and money and ensures company-wide access to valid pipeline information. The software system also has the ability to track change in data, view multiple data sets graphically and link data to applicable documents.

Synergi Pipeline is used at different levels and positions in the company, including the executive level. Decision-makers concerned about issues, such as compliance and outstanding high-risk areas, are able to get an oversight of all pipelines. Integrity managers can use the system to track budgets and schedules, manage overall planning, and schedule ongoing and planned activities, which can be reviewed and approved. Operations managers can keep track of inspections and repair work so they’re aware of any operational impact to the pipelines, while integrity engineers are able to do risk assessment analysis, analyse survey results, perform calculations and propose mitigation.

Users have control of all pipeline activities and are able to optimise inspection activities, thereby reducing inspection costs. Production can continue as normal during the implementation of Synergi Pipeline.

Some of the new features in the 2012 release include:

  • A highly functional new in-line inspection (ILI) assessment tool, the Anomaly Tracker, for identifying and prioritising anomalies for mitigative action and to determine when the pipeline needs re-inspection.
  • Extended risk assessment capabilities that allow for a general ranking of all pipelines, so higher risk lines can be identified faster.
  • The new Data Aligner tool, which allows for the alignment of ILI data with the pipeline route.
  • The new Integrity Planning tool with capabilities that support the entire ‘integrity wheel,’ integrated with pipeline risk and analysis tools.

DNV Software is a leading provider of software for managing risk, offering solutions for design, engineering, strength assessment, risk and reliability, quality health safety and environment and asset integrity management. It has delivered software to the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years.

It is part of the independent foundation Det Norske Veritas (DNV), safeguarding life, property and the environment since 1864.

DNV has more than 300 offices in 100 countries.

For more information call +47 67 57 99 00, or email or visit DNV’s website at www.dnvsoftware/pi

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