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New inspection tool for crack detection of liquid pipelines

Thu, 27 March 2014 NDT Global, a leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection and integrity services, has announced the commercial availability of its LineExplorer UC crack-detection intelligent inline inspection tool for 6 inch pipelines.

Promote your coatings products and services

Wed, 26 March 2014 Are you a coatings manufacturer looking for an opportunity to promote your products to prospective buyers and those planning major pipeline projects?

Monitoring geohazards

Damage to a pipeline from geohazard activity is a serious concern to pipeline operators.

ESI selected by OPA to implement Synthesis

Thu, 18 July 2013 Energy Solutions International (ESI) has been selected by the UK's Oil and Pipelines Agency (OPA) and its operations and maintenance contractor, Costain Group, to implement Synthesis administration software across the 2,000 km multi-fuel pipeline and terminal network known as the Government Pipeline and Storage System (GPSS).

Spotlight shines on robotic system

ShawCor has been awarded an Offshore Technology Conference ‘Spotlight on New Technology’ award for Bredero Shaw’s mobile robotic cutback system.

Evaluation of leak-detection technologies

In order to detect small leaks, external leak-detection systems generally require the installation of supplementary hardware placed alongside the pipeline.

Advanced subsea pipeline inspection: an overview of field experience and benefits of subsea pipeline

The requirement for the condition assessment of subsea pipelines and structures has increased in the recent years due to general integrity reasons and the analysis of fitness-for-service of aging assets.

Providing free solutions for the ‘unpiggable’

As the need for integrity management increases within the oil and gas industry so does the knowledge of effective solutions for pipelines that are deemed unpiggable. Maintaining an asset is important for both lifetime and safety, and Pipelines International has an exclusive guide with answers on how to do this.

Mitigating risks with subsea isolation

Fri, 31 May 2013 TDW Offshore Services has completed two key pipeline interventions in Australia for a major operator helping to mitigate risk of damage.

Information management for Sino-Myanmar

Thu, 28 March 2013 Schneider Electric has been selected by China Petroleum Materials Corporation, subsidiary of CNPC, to provide the enterprise control and monitoring technology for its new 793 km Sino-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline.

OptaSense signs extension with Shell

Thu, 28 March 2013 Real-time asset intelligence company OptaSense has signed a £10 million (approximately $US15 million) extension to the product development framework agreement (PDFA) with Shell, originally announced in 2010.

New concept for pipeline expansions

Sat, 23 March 2013 Transporting oil and gas from high-pressure and high-temperature reservoirs through pipelines is a major challenge. DNV has developed a new concept – SliPIPE – to deal with pipeline expansion.

Be part of the unpiggable solution

Fri, 1 February 2013 Does your company provide tools for unpiggable pipelines? Make sure to book your exhibition space to gain further exposure at this unique and targeted show.

Utility applications on a pipeline jobsite

When scheduling equipment for a pipeline project, construction companies around the world choose a pipelayer based on a number of factors that include lift capacity, condition of jobsite terrain, environmental concerns, and safety features.

Increasing safety and efficiency:  the sideboom arm

For over 26 years Traportadora Fretão has been active in leasing machinery and equipment for pipeline construction in Brazil. Here, Pipelines International speaks with Executive Manager Rafael C. Arnaldi about the company’s sideboom arm, which helps to increase efficiency and safety during pipeline projects.

Creating complete solutions:  a look at Lincoln Electric

Established in 1895, Lincoln Electric is a global manufacturer and the market leader of high-quality welding, cutting and joining products. Here, Pipelines International looks at the company whose passion for the industry has helped complete many successful pipeline projects.

Design improvements on a new generation UT in-line inspection crack tool: a case study

In 2010, Weatherford was awarded a contract to inspect four sections of the Adria – Wien Pipeline using the latest generation of angled beam ultrasonic crack detection tools.

Navigating the bends

Quest Integrity Group recently performed a series of in-line inspections and fitness-for-service assessments for a client in Canada. The company utilised its recently developed single module 16 inch InVista inspection tool. One of the lines proved particularly challenging, as it contained 20 bends with a minimum bend size of 1.5D, and five take-offs – a challenge for tools, as the tool could go in any direction instead of straight.

Subsea pressure isolation complete in Gulf of Mexico

Thu, 11 October 2012 TDW Offshore Services has successfully completed a subsea pipeline pressure isolation operation in the Gulf of Mexico. Carried out at a depth of 113 m against 870 psig, this isolation enabled the safe and effective tie-in of a piggable wye to the Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, a 30 inch natural gas line running between the West Delta 143 platform – a hub facility for deepwater oil and gas production – and the Venice Gas Plant in Louisiana.

Morgan Stanley acquires Southern Star Central Corp

Thu, 30 August 2012 Morgan Stanley Infrastructure, the infrastructure investing platform of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, has increased ownership to 100 per cent of the common equity of Southern Star Central Corp., parent company of Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline.

A step-by-step approach to pipeline integrity management

As a testing, inspection and certification company acting in the field of asset integrity management, Bureau Veritas is in contact with many different operators. In the oil and gas market, all operators are preoccupied by the availability and integrity of their assets (structure, pressure vessels, rotating machinery, pipelines). This article explains the importance of implementing an integrity management system using a step-by-step approach.

Overcoming offshore inspection challenges

Offshore pipelines can be challenging to inspect due to limited launcher/receiver facilities or limited accessibility. Quest Integrity Group offers a solution for these historically difficult to inspect, or unpiggable pipelines, with its InVista in-line inspection tool.

Contracts awarded for Dolphin Gas Project

Tue, 22 May 2012 Rolls-Royce has been awarded contracts worth $US136 million to supply technology and long-term services support to Dolphin Energy Ltd, which transports natural gas from Qatar to the United Arab Emirates and Oman via a 364 km subsea pipeline.

Improve weld quality and operator control

Today’s stringent pipe welding applications require high-quality welding. The root pass is generally the most difficult weld to make, yet it is typically the most critical one to get right. Lincoln Electric explains how to ensure the best results.

Companies collaborate to keep an eye on pipeline integrity

Fri, 20 April 2012 Willbros will be collaborating with GeoEye to develop a cloud-based pipeline integrity management solution.

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