Solving the unpiggable puzzle

Conference Convenor BJ Lowe of Clarion addresses the 2011 event.

Conference Convenor BJ Lowe of Clarion addresses the 2011 event.

How do you solve the problem of dealing with unpiggable pipelines? Attend the 2nd Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum, to be held from 15–16 May 2013 in Houston Texas, to find the answers to your pipeline integrity problems.

The 2013 Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum addresses the capabilities and guidance concerning tools for corrosion and mechanical damage inspection of ‘unpiggable’ oil, gas and hazardous liquids pipelines.

This unique event, organised by Tiratsoo Technical – a division of Great Southern Press – and Houston based Clarion Techncial Conferences, has returned following the success of the first Forum in March 2011.

What is ‘unpiggable’?

Industry expert Keith Leewis says that the term ‘unpiggable’ suggests one of several perceptions. The simplest explanation considers the obvious barriers to pigging a single pipeline:

  • Access – a free swimming tool can’t be introduced or removed
  • Low pressure, low flow – there is insufficient flow to overcome friction and drive a pig
  • Multi-diameter – making high velocity excursions and the accompanying loss of data normal
  • Physical barriers – the tool can’t navigate past internal obstacles or barriers
  • Inconvenience – the customers can’t tolerate any reduced product flow and access is curtailed.

The Forum will focus on existing technologies as well as those in research and development.

Advances and best practices in above-ground remote assessments, guided wave technologies, and internal corrosion direct assessment methods will form a significant part of the programme.

This one-of-a-kind programme will include information on live-line access techniques, combined with low-flow restriction robotic and wire-line powered internal inspection tools, which is important for pipeline segments that cannot be taken out of service when further integrity inspections are required.

The Forum will attract project managers, engineering consultants, pipeline owners and operators, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to network with the people that need your services to keep their projects moving.


If your company is on the forefront of technological solutions for ‘unpiggable’ pipelines make sure you book your space today. The Forum will attract top decision-makers from the industry who will need your tools to make sure their pipeline systems can operate safely and effectively.

With the reception, all lunches, morning and afternoon breaks held in the exhibition hall you have a unique opportunity to place yourself in the midst of these decision makers to discuss and showcase your products and services.

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