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$140.00 Trenchless International and Pipelines International
Bundle and save – limited time only! Are you involved in the installation and rehabilitation of oil and gas pipeline? This bundle is for you! Bundle subscriptions to Trenchless International and Pipelines International for 12 months.

From $99.00 Pipelines International (four issues)
Purchase your subscription to Pipelines International here.

FREE The Ultimate Guide to Unpiggable Pipelines

A complete guide to unpiggable pipelines with an extensive matrix to make sure you have the right tool for the job.

From $220.00 USD Pipeline Inspection Poster
The Pipeline Inspection Poster provides an explanation of different tools which are used in the inspection of pipelines.

From $220.00 USD Pipeline Construction Wall Chart
The Pipeline Construction wall chart is an in-depth look at the various stages of pipeline construction.

$850.00 PPO & Journal of Pipeline Engineering package
Bundle and save! A complete package that allows you to stay up-to-date with Australasian oil and gas project developments, tender and policy announcements, and new and emerging pipeline products and services throughout the world.

From $220.00 USD Pipeline Map of Australia
The Pipelines Map of Australia includes all proposed oil, gas, ethane, slurry and LPG pipelines in Australia.

From $220.00 USD Major Pipelines of Australia
The Major Pipelines of Australia map includes all major existing oil, gas, ethane, slurry and LPG pipelines in Australia and published annually.

$44.00 USD Increasing the reach and influence of your pipeline industry brand through social media

A comprehensive guide to specific strategies that pipeline industry companies can use to effectively market their brand to their target market via social media.

$30.00 USD Navigating contracting strategies: your essential guide

Developed in collaboration with the pipeline industry’s leading contractors, Great Southern Press has produced an essential whitepaper on contracting strategies specifically pertaining to the Australian pipeline industry.

$350.00 USD Journal of Pipeline Engineering (four issues)
Stay up-to-date with new and emerging pipeline products and services by subscribing to the Journal of Pipeline Engineering.

$44.00 USD The Ultimate Guide to Capturing More Customers with Content Marketing

A comprehensive e-guide on how to gain more customers in the pipeline industry through content marketing.

$22.00 USD How to Effectively Market Your Business in the Pipeline Industry

Create strategic marketing plans to leverage your marketing investment and achieve results in the pipeline industry.

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