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Dogs for pipeline leak detection

Dogs for pipeline leak detection

AMERICAN Detection Technologies, Inc, (AMDETECH) and Makor K-9, both national leaders in contraband detection services using highly-trained dog teams, have formed a new joint venture called Tekscent International for oil and gas pipeline leak detection. The patented Tekscent leak-detection system, developed in Canada by Imperial Oil Ltd, is a novel and proven system for locating leaks down to pinhole size, and also is a reliable way of environmental integrity testing new or existing pipelines.

The leak-detection system, introduced over a decade ago, works by injecting very small quantities of a specific odorant into the pipeline fluid or gas: highly-trained detector dogs are then used to walk the pipeline route, and sniff-out the odorant, locating leaks with great precision. The dogs can even detect the odorant if it is escaping from a leak under a river or a lake: their detection sensitivity is greater than any manufactured equipment designed for the same task, and they can detect concentrations below 4 parts/billion.

“Tekscent International is one of the most economical and accurate methods for solving the costly leak detection dilemma that has perpetually plagued oil and gas companies, and we will save them millions of dollars as well,” said Ronald Allen, president and CEO of AMDETECH. “The combination of [our] liquid odorant used with highly-trained detector dog teams ensures fast and accurate leak detection.”

Makor K-9 president and founder Mark Rispoli said, “The unique odorant is detectible by our highly-trained dogs, whose detection capabilities are many times more sensitive than electronic instrumentation, and dogs require no mechanical calibration. With 2.3 million miles of natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines in the US alone, our dogs are ideally suited for working the varied and rough terrain encountered on pipeline rights-of-way.”

Rispoli, who is also an attorney with extensive US government experience, continued, “The odorant is designed to pool on the surface of the earth, and is easily infused into the pipeline at a well head, where our dog teams track the pipeline along the route and identify the odour caused by the leak. Often the dogs are aware of the leak from several hundred meters away.” Mike Foote, who supervised the company’s field operations in Canada, stated, “We have already performed over 300 deployments in the field the past few years, and the accuracy rate for leak detection exceeds 99%. The corporate safety and integrity experts who hire us on-site agree that the Tekscent odour is an escape artist that needs to find its way out of the pipe, and our mobile team of dogs find the unique scent without fail.”

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  1. Frans Campher

    July 23, 2017

    To whom it may concern;
    I am a dog trainer from South Africa for the past 36 years. I would like to find out if it would at all be possible to buy the target scent for imprinting your dogs on the pipeline detection. I presume it is a gas that you inject into the pipeline and that the target scent is would be in it's solid state.If it was financially at possible for me, I would have been on a aeroplane to go see how you go about training your dogs.
    I have 10 years international de-mining expierance, which I hope will help me figure-out on getting started. Any help on this matter would be truly appreciated. I am also considering training up a Rat to identify the target scent. The idea would be to collect the physical field odour, using the MEDDS (MECHEM Explosive Dog Detection System ) of MECHEM South Africa which later also became known as the REST (Remote Explosive Scent Tracing) I was fortunate to be involved in the very beginning of MEDDS and trained their very first six operational dogs. Knowing the system I am very confidant that this could also work as part of the toolbox concept in contributing to the Pipeline leak detection efforts in South Africa.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Regards Frans Campher.

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