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TransCanada wins Tula – Villa de Reyes pipeline contract

TransCanada wins Tula – Villa de Reyes pipeline contract

The Comision Federal de Electricidad has awarded TransCanada a US$550 million contract to build, own and operate the Tula – Villa de Reyes Pipeline in Mexico.

The 36 inch diameter, 420 km pipeline will transport natural gas from Tula (Hidalgo) to Villa de Reyes (San Luis Potosi) to fuel power-generation facilities in Central Mexico.

Russ Girling, TransCanada’s President and CEO, said “The Tula – Villa de Reyes Pipeline complements our existing pipeline network in Mexico and furthers our strategy of owning and operating highly contracted and regulated assets that generate stable and predictable earnings and cash flow streams.”

With an anticipated completion date of early 2018, the pipeline will connect to TransCanada’s  Tamazunchale and Tuxpan – Tula pipelines.

Once the pipeline is in service, TransCanada will be operating six major natural gas pipelines in Mexico, bringing the company’s overall investment in the country to approximately US$3.6 billion.

For further information visit the TransCanada website.


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