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Technip awarded Logistic Base contract extension

Technip awarded Logistic Base contract extension

Petrobas has awarded Technip with a four-year extension on a five-year Logistic Base pipe-management contract initially signed in 2011.

The contract covers the storage, handling, inspection, testing, load-out, internal cleaning, and maintenance of flexible pipes at Petrobas’ Flexible Pipes Logistic Base (BAVIT) in Vitoria, Brazil.

The base has a 300-tonne handling capacity and storage capacity for 220 reels of flexible pipe.

With two simultaneous vessel load-out points, the site serves as the main load-out facility for all of Petrobas’ pre-salt flexible pipes.

Adriano Novitsky, President of Technip in Brazil, said “Technip is very proud of this contract. In 2016, the logistic base has reached the significant milestone of eight years of operation without lost time injury.

“This achievement demonstrates that the culture of HSE has become sustainable and the renewal of this contract is a demonstration that we have been performing as expected by our client, ensuring high standards of quality and safety in operations.”

For further information visit the Technip website.


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