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Q&A with Gerry Plescia

Q&A with Gerry Plescia

Cross Country Infrastructure Services CEO Gerry Plescia reflects on the company’s recent acquisitions and plans for the future.

Can you tell us about one of Cross Country’s recent projects?

PAI recently completed a large-diameter project in Mexico providing all testing related equipment for multiple spreads running at the same time. The project posed serious logistical issues and was executed flawlessly under a tight timeline. PAI has always focused on providing a complete system to support the test spread, and this project proved the concept. Additionally, all hoses, valves, fittings and meters coming from the same company can reduce the chance of missing items. The one-stop-shop concept works.


Gerry Plescia, Cross Country Infrastructure Services CEO

What are your feelings about the current state of the industry?

Overall, the industry remains strong. The volatility in the oil and gas market has caused some cancellation and delays in new pipeline construction but the integrity side continues to remain strong. The Canadian market was hit hard by the drop in oil prices but we’re seeing an increase in activity as of late. The Mexican market continues to remain strong and will be a bigger part of our strategy going forward.

How is Cross Country preparing for industry challenges?

Obviously, oil and gas prices will continue to be in the discussion but environmental concerns can have a serious impact on the overall health of the industry. There seems to be a lack of education around the safety and environmental impact of pipelines versus other transportation options. Once the general public has a better understanding of the benefits of pipelines as a means of transportation, there will be far greater support for the industry as a whole. Another major issue is knowledge transfer regarding testing. PAI plans to help by offering training for our clients at our facility in Houston. The training will involve equipment operation and support for on-site kick off is available as well.


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