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DNV GL and EPCRC work together on CO2 pipeline solution

DNV GL and EPCRC work together on CO2 pipeline solution

DNV GL and Energy Pipelines CRC (EPCRC) have been awarded a NO$41.6 million (US$5 million) project from the Norwegian CLIMIT Programme and the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, for a solution to the expenses associated with CO2 pipelines.

CO2 pipeline efficiency and safety is critical to the rollout and scaling up of carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions, which are required to meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets of the Paris Agreement.

The absence of accurate fracture models has meant that CO2 pipelines have had to be designed or constructed conservatively, or subjected to full-scale propagating tests.

DNV GL and EPCRC will undertake tests at DNG GL’s UK testing facility to advance optimal pipeline design through new simulation models and full-scale fracture tests.

The test program, titled Improving the safety and efficiency of CO2 pipelines by developing and validating predictive models for CO2 pipeline design, will utilise Norwegian and Australian funding schemes for research and development in an effort to find a solution for the efficient and safe transportation of CO2.

dnv-gl_co2EPCRC Project Manager Valerie Linton said “Innovation and science are crucial for technology development and the implementation of best practices for CO2 management.

“Through this joint test program, we can achieve much more than if we worked separately.”

DNV GL Project Manager Bente Leinum said “The test results and simulations will contribute to the faster and cheaper introduction of CO2 transport.

“This will be an important step to accelerate the full deployment of CCS.”

For more information visit the DNV GL website.

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