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NDT Global modifies ILI tool for inspection of BP pipeline

NDT Global modifies ILI tool for inspection of BP pipeline

2 November 2016 Africa, Featured, Pigging and ILI 0

NDT Global has performed a baseline inline inspection (ILI) on a BP-operated deepwater flowline and riser system in southwest Africa.

NDT Global engineered a custom ultrasonic UMp tool configuration for the project, which provided a high-definition survey of the pipeline, including corrosion features, pits, and mid-wall flaws such as laminations or inclusions.

However, after the gauge-plate pig showed a reduced minimum diameter during the pipeline-cleaning phase, NDT Global was challenged with running the ILI tool below its current design limit and keeping risks within acceptable levels.

NDT Global engineers and BP’s flowlines team spent 96 hours re-modelling the tool, as well as updating the design assurance and undertaking a risk assessment, before the modified ILI tool could be launched, returning safely on the first run.

Despite the challenges associated with the modification of the pig, which the NDT team referred to as putting “the pig on a diet”, the inspection was completed during the planned shutdown, avoiding production delays.

For more information visit the NDT Global website.

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