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TAP completes first phase rehabilitation in Albania

TAP completes first phase rehabilitation in Albania

8 February 2017 Europe, Featured, Gas 0

The first phase of bridge and road rehabilitation for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) has been completed in Albania.

The rehabilitation, which was completed at the end of 2016, included the upgrade of approximately 58 km of access roads and the construction of two new bridges, and refurbishment of another 40.

A joint venture between Gener 2 Sh.p.K. and Sicilsaldo S.p.A. completed the work, which it started 18 months ago.

The upgraded road infrastructure will enable the transportation of linepipe and the equipment necessary for pipeline construction, as well as developing communities and businesses in the Korça, Berati and Fier regions of Albania, with an estimated 200,000 benefiting from the improved infrastructure.


Over 600 workers were tasked with completing the process, which was designed to minimise disruption to the environment and the communities along the route.

TAP Project Manager for Albania Karl Roberts said “Despite a complex and challenging geography, with elevations of up to 1,800 m, works were completed on time, on budget, and, above all, to the highest safety standards.

“This is the first time bridges have been strengthened without interrupting road traffic, the first time quarries and natural material disposal sites have been reinstated to exacting environmental standards, and such care has been taken over preserving, monitoring and rescuing cultural heritage artefacts.”

TAP’s engineering, procurement and construction pipeline contractor, Spiecapag, will complete the second phase of rehabilitation, with a further 120 km of road to be upgraded.

For more information visit the TAP AG website.

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