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Rosen unveils three new products at PPIM

Rosen unveils three new products at PPIM

Rosen unveiled three new pipeline inspection products earlier this month at PPIM 2017, in Houston, Texas.

The company, which had announced that it would release its new corrosion-growth assessment (CGA) service prior to the event, also released details of its Cleaning EcoSpeed Service and the Cleaning Analytic Service.

Designed to combat the performance impact that comes with the reduction of the internal pipeline diameter, Rosen’s Cleaning EcoSpeed Service is equipped with a speed-reduction valve that enables it to slow down to speeds of typically between 3 and 5 m/sec while maintaining regular gas flow.


It is designed to ensure optimal cleaning without necessitating a corresponding reduction in product throughput.

Rosen’s Cleaning Analytic Service is designed to provideconfidence in the cleaning program and pipe conditions, with various packages that allow for a proactive approach to maintenance by collecting valuable data during the cleaning program and cataloguing it for future use.

PPIM’s topics also expanded on integrity assessment with a special focus on crack assessment, corrosion-growth assessment, and material property verification, which are all areas of expertise for Rosen.

For more information visit the Rosen website.

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