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ExxonMobil collaborates to develop stronger steel pipes

ExxonMobil collaborates to develop stronger steel pipes

ExxonMobil has been working with the South Korean-based Pohang Iron and Steel to develop new pipes manufactured from high-manganese steel.

ExxonMobil’s Energy Factor website reported that the steel ensures the pipes are able to resist wear and have a longer service life, as well as reducing the effects of erosion caused by slurry by up to five times the industry standard.

The new pipes have a strength of 10,546 kg/cm2 due to the use of manganese, chromium, and carbon in the steel.

High-manganese steel also has the ability to self-heal by forming stronger and more resilient layers after it has been pummelled by abrasive rocks and untreated oil sands.

They will be used by ExxonMobil to transport resources – including heavy soil sands – produced in Canada.

For more information visit the Energy Factor website.

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Images courtesy of ExxonMobil


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