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TAP celebrates first year of construction

TAP celebrates first year of construction

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) has celebrated one year since construction started on the project.

As of early May, contractors had cleared approximately 49 per cent the route in Greece and Albania, with more than 22 per cent welded steel pipes already in the ground, and approximately 69 per cent of the total 55,000 pipes had been delivered.

More than 5,200 people – 85 per cent of which are local hires – have been employed by TAP in the host countries.

Another 70 additional projects, valued at approximately €15 million (US$78 million), are due commence in the upcoming months, making the total investment in Greece, Albania, and Italy more than €55 million (US$61 million).

“We are pleased with our performance. In terms of overall project progress, we are approximately 41 per cent complete, including all engineering, procurement and construction scope,” said TAP’s Managing Director Ian Bradshaw.

TAP will link up with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline and South Caucasus Pipeline to form the 3,500 km Southern Gas Corridor.

“We are on track to deliver first gas from Shah Deniz II in 2020, becoming an active part of the European energy network, enabling more competitive and secure energy to reach homes and businesses.

“I am particularly pleased that today approximately 173 km of welded steel pipes – around 21 times our project length in Italy – have been put in the ground in Greece and Albania. TAP remains fully committed to reinstate land to its original condition or better.

“A project of this scale and magnitude will face daily challenges, however, we are well positioned to address and manage them by working closely with our teams, our supply network, and alongside communities,” he said.

By this time next year, TAP expects to have completed the clearing and grading of the route across Greece and Albania, and have approximately 67 per cent of the pipeline in the ground.

For more information visit the TAP website.

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