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President approves new US-Mexico oil pipeline

President approves new US-Mexico oil pipeline

3 July 2017 Featured, North America, Oil 0

President Donald Trump has signed a Presidential Permit to approve a new US-Mexico oil pipeline that will go right “under the wall” he has committed to building along the countries’ border.

He made the announcement during a speech at the US Department of Energy, attended by executives from the energy industry, members of congress and cabinet officials from the department

NuStar Logistics submitted two Presidential Permits to construct the pipeline in December 2014: one requested changes to the operation of an existing pipeline (Burgos Pipeline), and the other for the construction, connection, operation, and maintenance of a new pipeline along a similar route.

The new pipeline will, like the existing line, connect the PEMEX Burgos Gas Plant near Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico and the NuStar terminal near Edinburg, Texas.

The President said he was at the event to “usher in a new American energy policy” before he outlined six steps that his administration had introduced, or is planning to introduce, to promote strength and innovation in the sector.

“My administration has just approved the construction of a new petroleum pipeline to Mexico, which will further boost American energy exports,” said President Trump.

The other policy implementations included a new offshore leasing program and long-term LNG export contracts.


“Just today, a major US company, Sempra Energy, signed an agreement to begin negotiations for the sale of more American natural gas to South Korea,” he said.

“The US Department of Energy is announcing today that it will approve two long-term applications to export additional natural gas from the Lake Charles LNG terminal in Louisiana.

“Finally, in order to unlock more energy from the 94 per cent of offshore land closed to development under the previous administration, we are creating a new offshore oil and gas leasing program.

“America will be allowed to access the vast energy wealth located right off our shores.

“And this is only the beginning. The golden era of American energy is now underway – and all of you will be a part of creating this exciting new future.”

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