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Statoil investigates potential of offshore CCS project

Statoil investigates potential of offshore CCS project

3 July 2017 Europe, Featured, Offshore 0

The Norwegian state-owned Gassnova has asked Statoil to evaluate the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) project on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

The proposed project would capture CO2 from three onshore industrial facilities in Eastern Norway, which would be transported by ship to an onshore receiving plant on the west coast.

At the receiving plant the CO2 would be pumped from the ship to tanks onshore, before being transported through pipelines on the seabed to several injection wells east of the Troll field on the NCS.

Statoil will conduct concept and pre-engineering studies in order to evaluate the possibilities in more detail, and to get accurate cost estimates towards a possible investment decision, which is expected to be made by the Norwegian Parliament in 2019.

Statoil will evaluate a solution which would have the potential to receive CO2 from Norwegian, as well as European, sources.

“CCS is an important tool to reduce carbon emissions and to achieve the global climate targets as defined in the Paris Agreement,” said Statoil Executive Vice President for New Energy Solutions Irene Rummelhoff.

“The CCS project that has been assigned to us will require an entirely new collaboration model with carbon capture from several industrial sources, carbon transportation by ships, and carbon storage 1,000-2,000 m below the seabed.

“In addition, this may be the start of the world’s first CCS network across national borders.

“Much work remains, but if we are successful, this may open new business opportunities both for Statoil, our collaboration partners and Norwegian industry.”

The storage site would be the first in world to receive CO2 from multiple industrial sources and is part of Gassnova’s intention to develop full CCS in Norway.

An in-depth review of oil and gas operations on the NCS was published in the June edition of Pipelines International.

For more information visit the Statoil website.

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