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NDT Global introduces new dent detection service

NDT Global introduces new dent detection service

NDT Global has introduced the new Atlas ultrasonic geometry (UG) service, which provides more detailed geometric information about pipelines, an essential element of integrity management programs.

The service – based on ultrasonic technology (UT) from its Evo series – will allow operators to complete combined pipeline inspections in a single run.

It will be able to inspect a pipeline’s wall thickness, standoff, profile and cross section, and then provide scans which NDT Global can then compare to fully aligned datasets.

The accuracy of information will then allow operators to locate and prioritise combined threats when making integrity management decisions.

In the wall thickness scan above, the two ‘lines’ on either side of the dent indicates that the pipeline has been repaired before with a Type B sleeve.

Using a UT inspection has the advantage of giving an extra measurement of the pipeline’s wall thickness.

The standoff scan shows red and yellow colouring indicates the shape of the dent, while the red line in the profile scan shows the behaviour of the channel that displays the deepest point of the dent.

Working in accordance with the profile scan, analysts use the diameter scan to review the orientation of the dent and how it impacts on the cross-section shape of the pipeline.

For more information visit the NDT Global website.

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