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Vacuworx changes name of popular attachment

Vacuworx changes name of popular attachment

Vacuworx has announced that it has changed the name of its popular Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System attachment from the SS 2 to the SL 2.

The integrated ‘skid steer’ system attachment debuted in February last year and was the first in Vacuworx’ new line of compact equipment attachments.

The SL 2 has been used for a number of applications, including concrete construction and demolition operations, and use in closed spaces, such as buildings, mines and tunnels.

The vacuum lifting system has a lifting capacity up to 1.25 t and is compatible with small excavators, backhoes and cranes, and has been designed to navigate common jobsite issues, including reducing noise, debris and vibrations.

While the original name is accurate in the United States, it could potentially meet with resistance if the meaning doesn’t translate well as the company expands its efforts in the European market.

“We feel it is prudent to change the name at this early stage in the product life,” Vacuworx’ President and CEO Bill Solomon said.

“The performance of the SL 2 is exactly the same (as the SS 2), and for now no alterations have been made to the product itself.”

For more information visit the Vacuworx website.

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