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Subsea UK engages children’s interest in science and nature

Subsea UK engages children’s interest in science and nature

Subsea UK’s has started a new initiative, in England and Wales, encouraging primary school children to take more interest in science and the natural world.

Subsea UK has worked with teachers of the North Tyneside Learning Trust (NTLT) to develop a set of resources – Subsea Channel – aimed at engaging students and supporting science teachers.

“As a science leader I was very excited about developing the resources as they provide children with an opportunity to develop their understanding of scientific concepts in a real-life context,” said King Edward Primary School science and STEM Leader Hannah Osueke.

The suite of resources is aligned to the National Curriculum and will provide lesson plans that include real-world examples for science teachers.

“The new resources that have been developed are a brilliant example of what can be achieved when education and industry work together to bring Science teaching and learning to life,” said North Tyneside Learning Trust Chief Executive Kehri Ellis.

Based on input from the teachers, Subsea set about creating a resource that puts science into context, demonstrates how the material being taught can solve real problems, while still engaging with children’s imaginations and being flexible enough to incorporate lesson schemes.

The resource –which covers marine biology, surveying the seabed, vessels, diving, remotely operated vehicles and robotics – is free and available to all schools throughout England, Scotland and Wales and can be accessed via a dedicated page on the Subsea UK website.

“The industry’s continued success is, to a large extent, dependent on having the scientists and engineers who will meet the ongoing and future technological needs of the UK subsea sector,” said Subsea UK Chief Executive Neil Gordon.

“In order to inspire the next generation, we must start that learning journey as early as possible, given that research shows that primary school is the best place to start nurturing an interest in science and technology.

“The challenge therefore is to capture young people’s imagination and interest before they make those important subject choices.

“The resource is a combination of technical knowledge from industry professionals and the educational objectives of teaching professionals.

“At Subsea UK, we understand that we have an important role to play in supporting education and this initiative demonstrates what can be achieved by industry working in partnership with education,” added Mr Gordon.

For more information visit the Subsea UK website.

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