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Hawk develops fibre optic leak detection system

Hawk develops fibre optic leak detection system

Hawk has developed a leak detection system utilising an infield fibre optic cable that provides efficient and accurate data for swift infield assessment and pipeline repair.

Hawk’s new system uses the fibre optic cable to measure a range of variables during inspection, including sound and vibrations from third-party intrusions, changes in temperature caused by liquid or gas movement from pipe leaks, and changes in stress/strain due to pipe bending or loss of support.

The fibre optic system (FOS) is able to integrate with existing digital control systems and alert operators through a variety of digital protocols; oil, gas and water pipeline operators can then operate and observe the unit as required.

The predictive analysis capabilities of the FOS will allow operators to make informed asset management decisions to increase the pipeline service life.

It also reduces the risk of environmental damage, infrastructure damage, safety hazards and product loss caused by undetected leaks.

For more information visit the Hawk website.

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