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Enbridge reaffirms need for Line 3 Replacement Project

Enbridge reaffirms need for Line 3 Replacement Project

Enbridge has submitted testimony to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to demonstrate its eligibility for a Certificate of Need for the Line 3 Replacement Project.

The testimony discussed the importance of the project to the adequacy, reliability and efficiency of the energy supply in Minnesota.

The Line 3 Replacement Project (L3RP) is the largest project in Enbridge’s history, and will run from Alberta, Canada to the Minnesota-Wisconsin border in the US.

Estimated to cost CA$7.5 billion (US$5.48 billion), the L3RP is a proposed 1,659 km transnational crude oil pipeline to replace the Line 3 pipeline installed in the 1960s, transporting all grades of crude oil from Canada to the Enbridge terminal near Minnesota and then onto the Enbridge station and terminal facility near Wisconsin.

Enbridge’s testimony addressed key topics, including the suggestion that Line 3 could be shut down with limited impacts, apportionment issues, indications of crude oil production forecasts, and a response to the Department of Commerce’s (DOC) conclusions on refined product demand.

Enbridge has stated that if Line 3 was shut down, the reduction in pipeline capacity would increase rail shipments, adding a demand for additional rail facilities and negatively impacting Minnesota’s agricultural economy.

It says that the Enbridge system is full and in apportionment, with Line 3 able to ensure an adequate supply for refiners and enabling them to meet Minnesota’s energy needs; independent analysis of multiple crude oil supply forecasts also indicated that the system will be remain in use after replacement.

Finally, Enbridge submitted that the DOC expert testimony did not account for the demand for refined products – such as diesel, jet fuel and asphalt – when suggesting that demand for gasoline would be reduced due to the increased use of electric vehicles.

This testimony argues that Line 3, and the replacement project, is critical energy infrastructure that will be able to meet the energy needs of Minnesota and the Midwest in the years ahead.

For more information visit the Enbridge website.

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