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MannTek provides a safer LNG transfer solution

MannTek provides a safer LNG transfer solution

MannTek has launched a small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) transfer system that will increase safety for operators.

MannTek said the system weighs 50 per cent less than any other transfer systems on the market, and comprises dry cryogenic couplings (DCC), cryogenic breakaway couplings, LNG hoses, and emergency shut down system, and a high pressure nitrogen system.

Its reduced weight is one of the factors that makes it easier and safer for operators that have to manually lift connections, and it currently meets a number of international standards and requirements from regulatory bodies.

These include requirements from:

“The lighter design makes for a more manoeuvrable design which in turn makes the role of the system’s operators easier, and more importantly, safer,” MannTek CEO Markus Bäckström said.

“We have taken the issues raised by our customers and engineered a solution that makes the system simpler and lighter to use thereby reducing risk to operators and the equipment.”

Commenting on MannTek’s experience in the industry as a manufacturer of cryogenic couplings, Mr Bäckström said, “The company’s DCCs have connected and transferred LNG 20,000 times, we believe we have the most experience in cryogenic transfer in the industry.

“This includes the first ferry for LNG Viking Grance and the first container ship Tote Maritime.”

The system successfully completed a factory acceptance test (FAT) and is now being used on Sirius Shipping and the Anthony Veder Group’s LNG bunker vessel, the Coralius, which started operations in the Baltic Sea and North Sea in September.

MannTek worked closely with Sirius Shipping, the Anthony Veder Group, and Skangas, the vessel’s charter company, on the installation of the system.

“During the project we have made design suggestions that we felt would improve the way the system is fitted to the vessel,” Mr Bäckström said.

“We were involved from a very early stage in design as bunking activities on a vessel need to be able to take place at four different locations.”

For more information visit the MannTek website.

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