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IPLOCA 2017 Convention

IPLOCA 2017 Convention

Start: Monday 25 September 2017 End: Friday 29 September 2017
Location: Mexico City, Mexico External URL: http://www.iploca.com/

In 2017, IPLOCA’s 51st annual convention will take place Mexico City, Mexico.

It is a unique forum for IPLOCA’s members, media and guests to gather together, share experiences and hold business meetings in an informal setting over five days.

During a series of technical sessions, meetings, social events and tours, senior executives from the pipeline industry, accompanied by their spouses, are able to have an update on the current status of our industry while building relationships, networking and sharing ideas with their peers from all over the world.

At the open general meetings on Thursday and Friday, high profile speakers will focus on projects being developed, future large projects and trends in the current economic environment, and will share experiences of projects undertaken.

On Thursday, elections to the Board of Directors take place and the results are ratified at the Annual General Meeting on Friday morning.

Three IPLOCA awards will also be presented at the convention to recognise the most significant achievements and contributions of its members to the pipeline industry.